Left Luggage

You can leave personal belongings at the left luggage centre. They will be secure.

Left Luggage location

Left Luggage for all races is in a single area – the area at the rear of the Nyayo stadium incorporating the Basketball court.

Within this area, Left Luggage is located as follows:

1. Full and Half Marathon – In the storage room beneath the stadium terraces between Arena gates 5 and 6
2. 10 km Race – in the Handball court
3. Family Fun Run – in the basketball court.

All left luggage centres will be clearly identified (signposted).

To enter any left luggage centre you must show your Race number or official accreditation to the attendant security guard.

Left luggage deposit

Plastic bags to put your belongings and security tie wraps will be provided. Place your personal items in this bag, seal the bag with the tie wrap and take it to a counter in the centre. Please ensure
the security tag is intact before departing the left luggage counter.

The attendant will write your race number or id on a tag for identification and attach it to the bag.

Left Luggage collection

When you collect your left luggage you must again show your race number or official accreditation to the security guard. Please ensure that the security tag has not been tampered with on receipt of the bag
and before departing the collection counter. If it has been tampered with please inform the left luggage officials immediately.

All left luggage must be collected by 2.00 pm

After this time any remaining left luggage will be transferred to the Marathon Store at Nyayo Stadium.

Lost luggage can be collected from this store before 6 pm on the day of the Marathon and during normal
working hours on Monday 30th October.