The 2024 Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon will be held along the Southern Bypass.

Date: Sunday 27th October 2024

Venue: Uhuru Gardens

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY, as the marathon will start on time!


Race Distance Arrival Time Assembly  START Route Maps
Wheelchair Race (21km) 21km 05:00AM 05.35 AM 05.45 AM
Marathon (42 km) 42km 05:00AM 05.50 AM 06.00 AM
Half Marathon (21km) 21km 05:45AM 06.35 AM 06.45 AM
Corporate Challenge 42km 07:30AM 07.50 AM 08.00 AM
10km Race 10km 07:30AM 07.50 AM 08.00 AM
5km Race 5km 08:30AM 09.20 AM 09:30 AM


The Southern Bypass, our official marathon route, and all roads leading into it will be closed on Saturday, October 26, 2024, starting at 11:00 PM. However, Langata Road and Langata Links Road will remain open, providing access to the marathon venue at Uhuru Gardens and parking at Carnivore Grounds. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY according to the suggested arrival times, as races will start precisely at the scheduled times.

Marathon registration can be completed on the official marathon website at The registration fee is KES 2,000 or USD 15 for local and international participants. Additional donations to our community initiative, FutureMakers, can also be made on the website.